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Saraswati Kitchen Closed

Officials inspecting the kitchen premises of self help groups preparing the mid-day meal for students in Vasco town found the kitchen of Saraswati Self Help Group locked.
Following the incident of a lizard being found in the food prepared by Saraswati SHG that resulted in 52 students falling sick, officials of the Education Department and Health Services on Thursday inspected the kitchens in Vasco.

However, the Assistant District Education Inspector Anuradha Sardessai and Vasco Health Officer Dr Vikash Kuvelkar visited the kitchen of Saraswati SHG, it was locked.
In fact, Saraswati SHG shares the kitchen premises with another self help group named Gauri Ganesh at Adarshnagar in Chicalim. While Urmila Salgaonkar heads the Saraswati SHG, her family member is heading the Gauri Ganesh SHG.
Sardessai while clarifying that there was nothing wrong in sharing the kitchen premises asserted that hygienic conditions should be maintained and regretted that they could not inspect the kitchen to check this aspect.
However, according to Dr, Kuvelkar the area outside the kitchen was quite unhygienic.
The officials inspected kitchen premises of some other SHG and said that henceforth they would be conducting random inspection of the kitchen premises of SHGs providing mid-day meal to students.

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