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Sardesai drops another bomb on Dabolim Scam

Continuing with his expose and accusations against the BJP-led government, Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai stated that it is time for the people of Goa to ask the government and its Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on why it is more interested in protecting the interest of a private developer rather than people who will use the Dabolim Airport or its serious concern of national security.

“After the order of the High Court in PIL 35/2011 on 23.10.12, the mystery of the airport parking land scam deepens every day and it appears that a Pandora’s box has been opened,” Sardesai stated.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) had written to the Collector of South Goa who has also agreed that the AAI feels that the de-notified land is best suited for parking since the other lands are fragmented and unsuitable.

In the case of one of the alternate lands offered it appears that the state government wanted to remove the Indian Navy as occupant and replace it with the Chicalim Communidade so that it could be acquired. “The Navy was obviously sought to be dispossessed by ex-parte orders and by dodging the Navy. Subsequently, the Navy has obtained a stay from the Administrative Tribunal,” elaborated Sardesai.

It is clear that the whole airport parking land acquisition issue is a state sponsored fraud, he added. And that he has now discovered that Commodore L K Agrawalla, Chief Staff Officer of the Flag Officer Commanding, Goa Naval Area, had written a letter to the Goa Government that the project of M/s Umiya Developers, which is coming up on the de-notified land, is considered a serious threat to military, VVIP & civil aviation security.

The letter categorically mentions that “The area can be used as a safe haven for disruptive elements or for valuable intelligence gathering as full view and access to runway will be easily available to the unrestricted civil population of the area” and that “if the area … … remains under control of AAI as originally intended, the degree of threat would be significantly contained”, as “the subject site is less than 200 m from the main gate of major Naval Air Station, INS Hansa and equally close from the AAI cargo complex”.

Sardesai said that this appears to be a different type of an “Adarsh scam” in Goa and the Goa government, by its silence and inaction, appears to be encouraging people to break defence rules and jeopardise national security.

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