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Sardesai meets Guv for CBI probe on Dabolim Airport scam

Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai of Fatorda met the Governor B V Wanchoo yesterda yand brought to his attention the details of the state sponsored scam concerning Dabolim Airport and the need for a CBI inquiry in order to identify and punish the scamsters who are plotting to sabotage a national project of public interest as also endangering national security by trying to dis-possess strategic defence land from the armed forces (Indian Navy) for their pecuniary benefits.

Sardesai pointed out that, though the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is on record to the press as having said that land will be acquired if required, he should carefully read the affidavit of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) before the High Court, which clearly states that the de-notified land is the only suitable land for parking.

Sardesai also wished to remind the CM that the land in question is not to be acquired for the Govt of Goa but for the AAI, who should have the option and choice of land according to their needs

Sardesai said that there appears to be more evidence that this is a pure and clear scam to benefit the builder, who purchased the de-notified land  and expressed surprise and dismay at the super speed at which the BJP Govt worked to please the builder. “How, else, could the CM explain that a request for ‘Mutation’ on 13th September 2012 was immediately acted upon and the land mutated on 14th Sept 2012,” questioned Sardesai.

“Is this luxury available to common citizens? It appears that even before the arguments had taken place in the High Court and the judgment delivered, the builder was fully aware of the stand which the government was going to take before the High Court and accordingly the Mamlatdar seems to have been informed to mutate the land,” he further questioned.

The Fatorda MLA added the order of the Additional Collector-1, South Goa District, Margao, in Case No. LRC/Re-survey/2/2012/AC-1, makes it very clear that it is a state sponsored scam. The order is passed after the Additional Collector went through only the preliminary objections raised by the Navy.

“Has this ever before happened in the history of resurveys/demarcations of land in Goa. Fortunately, a stay has been obtained by the Navy from the Administrative Tribunal on this order,” he quizzed once again.

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