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Sardesai supports Rahul Gandhi’s stance on the ‘Please Allow Criminals’ Ordinance

Senior Congress leaders in Goa  appear to have a loss of words on the UPA-2 decision on the controversial ‘Please Allow Criminals in Politics ‘ Ordinance, now with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi calling the Ordinance ‘Utter Nonsense’; should be ‘Torn Up and Thrown Away’, their lips have been further twisted with their tongues.

However, former Congress General Secretary now Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai told expressed, “I welcome Rahul Gandhi’s dramatic declaration which nevertheless embarrasses his own party’s government .To my mind the ordinance was absolutely unjustified, unthinkable and was a sort of a political death wish of the UPA.”

When the society is seriously contemplating on finding a lasting solution to the malaise of criminalisation of politics & corruption, the ordinance was a sort of endorsement of these prime social evils that plague our national polity, he further asserted.

“I feel Rahul Gandhi has endorsed the doubt in every public mind on the strange and shocking rush of the Centre which has been voiced by Cong leaders like Digvijaya Singh, Milind Deora, Sandeep Dixit etc. It’s never too late for the government to adopt a course correction by bowing to public sentiment. I appreciate such outspoken stands and believe that public aspirations and eelings should be foremost in the minds of genuine political leaders and not narrow political advantages of protecting rotten apples within the coalition & own political party.”


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