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“Sardinha Is a Liar”: Churchill

PWD Minister Churchill Alemao on Tuesday lashed out strongly at Member of Parliament Francisco Sardinha and termed him a liar exploiting people for electoral gains by making empty promises.
Speaking to media persons, he urged seamen from Goa and particularly the retired ones, not to fall prey to the canards and false promises given by Sardinha. He was reacting to reports in a section of the media quoting Sardinha of promising to get the funds kept by the British for seaman.

Churchill said he had investigated into the matter and there are funds whatsoever left by the British or any other person or agency for seamen and asserted that the Rs. 200 pension being received by seaman was from the fund created earlier with seamen contributing Rs. 500 per month.
He said even this pension is likely to be discontinued as present day seamen are not enrolling as members of the National Union of Seafarers of India and not contributing towards this fund.
He recalled that at the time of last Lok Sabha elections, Sardinha had promised to legalise bull fights, a promise not kept till today and added that as he fooled the owners of fighter bulls then, he is now trying to fool the seaman.
He appealed to the chief minister to amend the Dayanand Social Security Scheme rules to enable retired seamen to avail of its benefits.


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