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Sarpanch Arrested For Involvement In Forgery

Nachinola Sarpanch Martina Fernandes was arrested by Mapusa Police on Friday in connection with a forgery case.
“Contractor Dasharath Shirodkar had filed a complaint with Mapusa Police on 5th February stating that Martina and the panchayat secretary forged his signature and withdrew Rs 66,581 from the bank on 18th November 2005 by preparing bogus vouchers in his name with reference to the construction of Balwadi”, informed Mapusa Police Sub-Inspector Dhavaskar.

Martina Fernandes who was arrested under Sections 408, 465 and 420 read with 34 of IPC, was later released on bail of Rs 5,000 on the condition of reporting to Mapusa Police station for five days from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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