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Satardekar Threatens to Agitate Over Mining Bypass


MLA representing Curchorem constituency Shyam Satardekar opined that the third phase of the bypass for mining industry should be undertaken in one go instead of the proposed piece meal approach and threatened to come on the streets if the work is not completed expeditiously.
Speaking to presspersons he said that though the mining activities are in Sanguem Taluka, the transportation of ore is centered in Quepem Taluka causing severe problems to the inhabitants of the latter, he said.

Taking the diplomatic route, he praised Chief Minister Digambar Kamat for all assistance in his constituency but in the same breath took a dig at him by wondering whether there would have been such an inordinate delay in constructing the bypass if Digambar Kamat was representing the Curchorem constituency.
He also called for a coordinated effort from all the MLAs in Quepem and Sanguem Taluka instead of each one thinking only about his constituency and their benefits.
Satardekar threatened to take to the streets if his recommendation to complete the work immediately and in one go is not taken up seriously by the authorities.

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