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Save Hindus from Razakars in Bhainsa

Telangana is again in news, not for the investments or development it is aiming but for the communal tensions it is unleashing. Telangana is the state with a good population of Hindus and Muslims living together. The population of Hyderabad state (today’s Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) during partition of India was Hindu majority with Muslim head. Muslim ruler of state (Nizam) wanted to either merge with Pakistan or stay as an independent nation which was opposed by the majority Hindu population. This resulted in the abuse of power by Razakars who in the name of Islam and with the protection of Nizam carried mass murders of Hindus which stopped only after the intervention of Indian Army followed by which the state was merged with India. Even after 70 years, both the communities couldn’t forget their bloody pasts.

Bhainsa region which is currently in news for the communal tensions and riots is very much divided on religious basis. Muslims of the area vote for AIMIM which is the descendants of Razakars and even their name signifies their affiliation with Muslims. On the other hand, Hindu community is mostly aligned towards BJP which is mostly known for being a Hindu Nationalist Party. The problem is that the TRS is in the government which is in alliance with AIMIM in the state which gives more power to it over BJP. Thus, any act of Muslim even if it is wrong is being ignored by the government due to TRS’s alliance with AIMIM.

In the recent events in Bhainsa, many houses of Hindus have been burnt by mob of Muslims and the name of a sitting counsellor from AIMIM has appeared. BJP’s Rama Devi from Bhainsa has received threatening calls from Pakistan which further shows how the communal divide is very deep and needs serious consideration. There has been reports of a Muslim youth raping a 3-year-old child against whom police refused to lodge an FIR citing communal tensions which is not only shameful but enough to understand the ground reality.

The bigger problem is not the clash of two communities but is the lack of intention of power holders to act responsibly and in accordance with the constitutional framework. TRS is the party which fought for independent Telangana and has been ruling the state since its formation by partitioning Andhra Pradesh. However, the kind of rule the party is to be presenting can’t be treated as a development based.

Government rather than solving the problems have focused more on silencing the whole issue and have declared Section 144 of CrPC which bars assembling of more than 4 people. It also restricted internet in the area and stopped media from reporting in the area which not only is wrong but against the law. This is a Human Rights problem in Telangana and India needs to talk about it. Mr Chief Minister, please allow the media to go to Bhainsa. If the government is claiming that everything is under control, why is it stopping people to talk to the world. May the central government and judiciary get into the matter and help the common public from the situation and save Hindus from Razakars in Bhainsa like Sardar Patel saved it during partition.


Author: Adv. Shashank Shekhar Jha
Legal Editor,

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