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Sawaikar Proposes Rs 3K Crore, Amidst Failure to recover Rs 35K Crore

The ruling BJP-government in its effort to show favor to the mining-dependent people and also not lock horns with the mining companies indicted in the Rs 35000 crore Goa Illegal Mining Scam is now looking to further burden the tax-payers by proposing a Rs 3000 crore mining package for Goa to bail out those affected by the mining ban.

South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar to that he has already spoken to Union finance minister Arun Jaitley about providing a 3,000 crore mining package.

This statement comes after the Union Budget received a lukewarm response from those in the mining belt who were eagerly hoping for a bail-out package. Sawaikar pointed out that the state government was already addressed the issue through the scheme for truck owners.

He shared details of his meeting with Jaitley, stating that the finance minister has already sought details regarding the royalties and promised to look into the ‘modalities’ of such a scheme first before taking any final decision.

Interestingly,the BJP-led government in Goa is no mood to penalise those responsible for the illegal mining scam, with its Chief Minister almost advocating for the mine-owners that “Those who mined the minerals during 2007-2012 didn’t know that it was illegal to do so. It was decided that it is illegal in the year 2014 (by the SC judgement).”

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