Say ‘I Love You’ to You

You might be staring at the abyss, feeling completely drained out of life. You feel dead within. Your spirit has been crushed.

But you want to feel alive. You want to feel love. You want to be loved. Yet love, appreciation, and the feeling of oneness with someone or some purpose are like a mirage.

You tried to reach out to your family, friends, or the universal consciousness to find a purpose to your existence, to find a meaning to your life, to find someone to love you unconditionally, to find the grace to love yourself for the person that you were, are and want to be. Yet you feel alone, lost, and loveless in your life because you feel no one listened, cared, or paid attention.

No one can fathom nor can they comprehend the sorrow, fear, anxiety, or nightmare you are experiencing because they are not you.

The only person who can lift you out of the abyss is yourself.

Family, friends, or even strangers could only offer you a hand but the effort to hold on to their hand and pull yourself out of darkness will have to be made by you.

And even if there is no hand outstretched for you. Open your eyes and look heavenward you will see small grooves in the wells of despair, if you move your hands and legs through them and use them as support; one step at a time, you will be able to pull yourself out of the abyss.

In the wells of despair, there is and will always only be darkness. If you continue to look down on yourself and your life, you will continue to slip slowly into the abyss and miss seeing and experiencing on one of the greatest paintings of the universe – YOU.

If you look up, hold your head high and give life a chance, you will continue on your journey with the most important person for you – that is your own life.

Life is a passionate lover. It is never easy being in love with your life, every love is put to a test, so will your love for this life. But then when you learn to love your life, you will find the beauty in and of living.

Love yourself first. In the end, everything else is a mere reflection of the love you have for yourself. Love yourself for the body you have. Love yourself for the mind, heart, and soul you have. Love yourself because you are special. You have a purpose. Your purpose is to live and love life.

Like all love relationships, we are always expecting and not accepting. It is the same with your relationship with life. We are always expecting and not accepting the beauty of it at the moment. We are not accepting that the relationship with our life cannot be like someone else’s relationship with their life.

You are special in more ways than you know. Open your eyes and see. Open your heart and feel. Open your mind and heart, life speak to you. Open your soul and listen to the beautiful sound of the universe that lies within and outside in the universal consciousness.

You are that beautiful piece of art in the painting of the universe. Your presence makes the art of universal life complete and fascinating. You make the painting of life alive.

Stop seeking answers to your questions and live life. Stop looking for a purpose, you are the purpose of your life. Stop searching for love, you are the love of your life.

To feel one with your life is to find bliss.

Love your life…Live your life


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com
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