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‘Say No to Yes-Man Lokayukta’ garners political parties support

The campaign ‘Say No to Yes-Man Lokayukta’ started by noted RTI Activist Advocate Aires Rodrigues has garnered support across different national and regional political parties in the state. Supporting the campaign are the Congress (though confused in their stand), NCP, Shiv Sena, Goa Su-Raj and other smaller NGOs as well.

Addressing the media, Rodrigues stated, that the coming together of different political parties on this imperative issue of the appointment of the controversial Judge B S Reddy as Goa Lokayukta highlights the sentiments of the people of the state, who want a good Lokayukta to look into the affairs of corruption in state. However, the current BJP-led government without following the requisite procedures has zeroed down on BS Reddy on account of the window-shopping for judges done by Goa’s Advocate General Atmaram Nadkarni. If this is going to be the Lokayukta, the people of Goa will have to think twice before bringing their corruption-based grievances forward.

“If now with the Chief Minister presiding over the Anti-Corruption Bureau cases of corruption against the government officials are being dragged around, with the appointment of this Lokayukta we can expect genuine case to be brushed aside”, expressed Rodrigues

“We will have to approach the High Court if the government persists on going ahead with the appointment of B S Reddy, who is not an unbiased Judge, but is known to take partisan stand on certain issues, like the appointment of Pranab Mukherjee as President of India,” revealed Rodrigues.

More importantly Rodrigues further added that the government had not followed the relevant guidelines for appointment of the Lokayukta and that this particular Lokayukta has been hurriedly approved and will be a ‘Yes-Man’ of this government.

While it was evidently clear that many of the Opposition partied got together in the support to this campaign, political parties in the ruling alliance – MGP and Goa Vikas Party – stayed away. Though Rodrigues stated that he spoke to Sudin Dhavlikar, president, MGP who assured him support to get a good Lokayukta for Goa.


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