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SC Court Judgment Order on NEET Students Conundrum

In the worst-ever deprecation of the Goa government’s “infantile wisdom” of reversing the Supreme Court’s order on admission to postgraduate seats at Goa medical college, the apex court remarked that “this wise act of the state government can irrefragably be compared with absence of common sense in an uncommon degree”.

Making a detailed postmortem of the state government’s order of July 25, that cancelled the admissions granted to students based on NEET merit, an SC division bench of Justices Anil R Dave and Dipak Misra observed, “But, unfortunately, here the authorities of the state government have felt courageous enough to play possum and proceeded to crucify the fate of the candidates who had been protected by the verdict of this court. Such an action is absolutely impermissible. Thus analyzed, the letter dated July 25 deserves to be lacerated and we so do. for its readers is attaching the entire order of the Supreme Court.

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