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Scarlett’s Case Hearing Postponed

The hearing of Scarlett Keeling’s death case has been postponed to 17th October following the defense lawyer’s claim to study the order rejecting his claim that some pages from the diary of the victim were missing.
The defense lawyer Jos Peter D’Souza who is representing Placido Carvalho said he wanted to challenge the order dismissing his claim only after studying it.
Scarlett’s diary has been cited as an important piece of evidence by the prosecution.

It may be recalled Scarlett a teenager was found dead along the Anjuna sea shore on 18th February 2008 with bruises on her body. Police have charge sheeted two persons including Placido for sexually assaulting the teenager after administering drugs to her and then leaving her to die on the beach in a semi-conscious state.
The court is expected to examine Murli Sagar who was working at a shack near the place where the girl’s body was found, when it takes up the matter on 17th October.

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