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SCBA to nominate Supreme Court lawyers as High Court judges

The Supreme Court Bar Association has set up a committee of senior advocates to shortlist deserving lawyers who could be considered by Collegiums in different high courts for recommending their names for appointment as HC judges.

The Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana agreed to consider this request made by the SCBA to elevate Supreme Court lawyers as High Court Judges informed SCBA President Senior Advocate Vikas Singh. On 31st May, Singh and the Executive Committee had proposed this to the CJI.

SCBA had urged before the CJI that despite having vast experience and exposure in dealing with all kinds of issues relating to civil, criminal, constitutional, commercial law, etc., the lawyers practicing in the Supreme Court are rarely considered for elevation by the High Court Collegium as they do not regularly practice before the High Court and while being professionally more meritorious than their colleagues at the High Court, lose the opportunity for being considered for the post.

The Bar members also urged that many women lawyers practicing before the Supreme Court must be considered for this promotion. It was further highlighted that High Courts do not recommend women advocates on the ground that there are not enough women lawyers for promotion.

By promoting SC lawyers as HC Judges vacancies in the High Court can be filled. The Committee setup will ensure that the most deserving candidate from among the available candidates is selected for the promotion.

“Friends, I sincerely believe that every lawyer practicing in India is a citizen of India and therefore should be fairly considered for elevation based on merit alone, no matter where he/she practices. We are hopeful that immediate action given the large vacancies in the High Courts is taken,” SCBA President Vikas Singh said on the occasion.

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