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Schools to remain shut in Delhi, in view of rising COVID cases, increasing pollution levels

New Delhi: The Delhi government has decided to further delay the opening of schools in the city, in view of increase in the number of fresh COVID cases, as well as the rise in air pollution levels.

Addressing the media persons, Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said, there was a fear of virus spread, if the schools were opened and majority of the parents and the teachers have suggested that the schools must remain closed for now.

Sisodia further said that all the government and private schools in Delhi will remain closed, till further orders.

He said, it has been observed worldwide that wherever the schools were opened, the Coronavirus cases among the children saw an increase, and keeping this also in consideration, the government feels it is not appropriate for now to open the schools.

He added that due to the deteriorating air quality in the city since the past week, it has shown its effect on people’s health.

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