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Science confronts ‘Hamlet’ in hamlets

New Delhi:  “Let there be light – And….”.

Time will say whether people of the country will respond to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal on Sunday – to “switch off lights….” in the same manner and enthusiasm as it was seen during the Janata Curfew’ on March 22, against COVID-19, but the youth is giving priority to Science than ‘History’.

Even as a section of the generation next is yet to come out of – ” To light, or not to….” the majority is expecting an ‘analysis and outcome’ of two-week-long nationwide lockdown and the future strategies on the part of the Government.

The ‘preference’ to the scientific approach of youth came amid International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasting unprecedented worldwide economic slowdown and emergence of political mudslinging relating to the dreaded disease – absent during the period of Janata Curfew.

The Opposition Congress and the CPI(M) have taken strong exception to the Prime Minister’s message on Friday and a Trinamool Congress MP also joined the chorus.

However, Trinamool Congress supremo and Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have remarked ” I will not comment on Mr Modi’s saying. People are free to do whatever they like.”

Asked to comment on the PM’s yesterday’s appeal, Sandip Dikshit, a medical student, said ” We are facing a worldwide emergency health situation and this should be faced only with medical and other branches of Science. Rest is irrelevant.”

Dikshit’s view was echoed in the observation of Nilima Khaitan, student of Chemistry, saying ” It’s only scientific approach that matters now to fight Coronavirus. We are aware that History repeats itself- but it should not be always.

In a ‘thanksgiving ceremony,’ on March 22, the Nation had expressed it’s solidarity to the Janata Curfew with ‘taalis and this’.

However, in some places, including Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru, the target of social distancing was quickly forgotten as groups of people spilt over from balconies and terraces to the streets to shout slogans and march with the Tricolour.

Meanwhile, the Country-wide death toll soared to 62 and the worldwide figure reached nearing 54,000.

Via UNI-India

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