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Scribe’s Minor Son kidnapped for ransom, murdered in Mahabubabad


Hyderabad: A 9-year-old boy, son of a journalist, who was kidnapped on Sunday from Mahabubabad district in Telangana state, was throttled to death before being set on fire.
According to Mahabubabad district superintendent of Police Koti Reddy in a press conference said that a mechanic was arrested on Thursday for killing the boy Deekshitha Reddy and the role of a victim’s relative was still being probed.

Presenting the accused Manda Sagar (23) before the media at Mahbubabad, Reddy said based on the information given by the accused; they came to know that the body was murdered at a hillock.

The boy’s father Ranjith Reddy is a vernacular media scribe.
On Sunday at around 6 PM , Sagar on his bike, came up to the residence of the Deekshith, who was playing near his house along with other children and kidnapped , the SP said.

After kidnapping the boy, the accused on Sunday and Monday by using VOIP calls demanded Rs 45 lakhs ransom from the boy’s parents for the safe release of the boy.
Worried parents rushed to the police who swung into action forming dedicated teams with specific tasks to trace boy.

During the investigation, it came to know that the boy was killed the same day, the police officer said.
Fearing that the boy will disclose his identity, if he was released, the accused throttled Deekshith to death and after killing the boy, Sagar made VOIP calls to the victim’s family members and demanded Rs 45 lakh rasom, the SP added.
To get money easy, Sagar allegedly hatched a plan and committed the crime. A case was registered under section 302 (murder) of IPC.

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