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SC’s verdict on Maratha quota to be challenged: Vinod Patil

Aurangabad (Maharashtra): Maratha reservation main Petitioner Vinod Patil on Thursday said that the decision to cancel the Maratha reservation by the Supreme Court would be challenged through a review petition.

After the Supreme Court’s decision to cancel the Maratha reservation,it was found that the court did not consider many positive issues,he said.

Mr Patil said, “We have been fighting a court battle for the last several days but yesterday the decision of the Supreme Court came and the Maratha reservation was cancelled.”

“After looking at yesterday’s decision and reading a copy of judgement, it is clear that the Supreme Court has not been positive on some issues, so I hope that the law will be upheld within 30 days if some issues are brought to the notice of the court again under the right to Review Petition,” he told.

Mr Patil said that why Ashok Chavan who is chairman of the reservation sub-committee made statement that the law was introduced by the Fadnavis government when the state had no authority to do so.

“If Mr Chavan knew that this law was wrong, then why did the Congress party vote for such a wrong law and at the same time, why have not we been told that this law is wrong.Why waste our two years time lying to win in court and uphold this law,” he questioned.

Mr Patil said that the some points will be brought to the notice of the court through the review petition including main point that Economical Weaker Ssection(EWS) reservation, 52 percent reservation in Maharashtra and more than 50 percent reservation in other states make it clear that reservation in India has exceeded 50 percent limit and among others points.


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