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SDM in UP suspended after sitting on Dharna against corruption

Pratapgarh: Uttar Pradesh government has suspended a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for sitting on a ‘Dharna’ against alleged corruption in the district.

Official sources said on Saturday that SDM Vineet Upadhyay, who staged a sit-in at the DM bungalow with his wife on Friday evening, has been suspended. The administration has taken disciplinary action against him.

However the accused SDM said that he had gone to the District Magistrate’s residence to complain about the rampant corruption in the district, but he alleged that he was harassed due to the connivance of corrupt district officials.

The SDM had been working with the Prayagraj Revenue Council. The commissioner will investigate the allegations made by Upadhyay against the DM and ADM.

“In September last year, I was a member of a three-member committee that investigated the illegal allocation of land by the previous SDM. During the investigation, we found many irregularities in the allocation of land in the Lalganj sub-division”, Upadhyay told reporters on Saturday.

The SDM accused ADM (Finance and Revenue) of being involved in the corruption. The SDM said that he was under pressure to stop the investigation of corruption charges against the land mafia.

“We submitted the report last September, after which Pramod Tiwari, a public representative, pressurized me to stop the ongoing investigation against the landowner Devendra Mishra. He bought the land in the name of running a school which was not present at the spot but was being run at some other place. I had records of all this”, Upadhyay added.

Reacting to the allegation, Shatrughan Vaishya ADM said that Upadhyay had behaved in an indecent manner with the magistrate Rupesh Kumar on Friday.

Mr Vaishya said, “Upadhyay got angry on receiving a letter from the government. When we returned with the DM and SP after a tour, Vineet was sitting in the DM’s room. He was angry and said that a negative report had been filed about him. The DM said that he has an option to answer on this issue.”

The incident has led the opposition parties for attacking the state government. The Samajwadi Party said that BJP led state government is ‘full of corruption’.

“The Chief Secretary of the CM has been alleged of corruption, the former DGP OP Singh who was considered close to CM Yogi has been accused of taking money for posting. Now in Pratapgarh an SDM had to sit on Dharna against DM, how much more embarrassing can this get for the state government”, Sunil Singh Sajan, the spokesperson of Samajwadi party said.

UP Congress president, Ajay Kumar Lallu too said that this is the real face of the Yogi government promoting corruption and punishing those who try to raise voice against it.

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