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Seafarers urged to submit life certificate

Panaji: The Government has announced the release of Goa Welfare pension for retired Seafarers which is subject to production of ‘Life Certificate’.

Out of the 2454 eligible beneficiaries, 1851 beneficiaries will get Rs 500 per month as they are in receipt of DSS Scheme amount of Rs 2,000 , 600 beneficiaries will get Rs 2,500 per month and three beneficiaries will get Rs 1,000 per month.

The pension has already been disbursed for the months of June, July and August, 2021 to 714 beneficiaries who have submitted their ‘ Life Certificate’.

Advocate Narendra K Sawaikar, Commissioner for NRI Affairs, has appealed to all the beneficiaries of Goa Welfare or Pension Scheme for Seafarers who have not yet submitted their ‘ Life Certificate’ to submit them at the office of Commissioner for NRI Affairs, either through post or through their local representatives or in person to enable disbursement of the pension to them, a statement from the government said.

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