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Security Personnel Alerted in Goa

In view of the blast at Varanasi and given the fact that the tourist season is nearing its peak of the Christmas season, security personnel in Goa have been asked to be alert and patrolling has been heightened.
However, Atmaram Deshpande, spokesperson for the Goa Police said that there is no specific advisory about any threat to Goa in particular as yet.
“As a precautionary measure we have asked the security personnel to be on high alert and increased patrolling,” he said adding that these measures are adopted for the last few years.

Meanwhile the United Kingdom has revised its advisory to its nationals visiting India asking them to be more careful and vigilant and to monitor the local media before venturing out to any places particularly in Jammu & Kashmir.
As for Goa, the advisory advised its nationals to take the same precautions as would be taken while visiting any coastal resort be it in Europe or elsewhere in Asia.
While noting that tourists are victims of robbery, sexual assault and even death after being offered spiked drinks, the advisory points out that last year 32 British nationals died in Goa of which ten death were attributed to drug or alcohol abuse.
All visitors are advised to avoid venturing out alone after dark for their own safety. In a telling comment, the British visitors to Goa are warned of attacks by pack of stray dogs on the beaches particularly after twilight.
Female visitors have been asked to observe and respect the local dress and customs and cautioned that there have been incidents of foreigners being raped in Goa.


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