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Senior GPCC Members send Complaint Letter to Rahul Gandhi on Tamankar

Refering to the letter as ‘Tamankar Tamasha’, some senior GPCC members have written a strongly-worded complaint to the new vice-president of the All India Congress Committee (AICC) Rahul Gandhi with a copy to the AICC president Sonia Gandhi about the appointment of Sudip Tamankar to the post of Congress spokesperson, his targeting of senior Congress leaders, his lack of acceptance of party protocols and his recent resignation drama which was later withdrawn.

Speaking to, a senior AICC member in know of this letter sent from some GPCC members, stated, from contents of the letter it is clearly evident that GPCC members are divided on the issue of Tamankar because of his sudden elevation to a spokesperson without taking the opinion of the other GPCC members.

“The complaint letter states that some GPCC members are of the opinion that Tamankar is working in the interest of the BJP-government. Therefore, he is deliberately causing an embarrassment to the Congress,” stated AICC senior leader.

The letter also throws light on the working of the current GPCC president Subash Shirodkar who along with Sankalp Amonkar were responsible in bringing Tamankar to the Congress. Blame has also been put of AICC Goa Observer Sudhakar Reddy who has been aware of the Tamankar issue but not corrected it.

The GPCC members have asked Gandhi to speak with senior Congress leaders like Pratapsingh Rane, Francisco Sardinha, Shantaram Naik and Ramakant Khalap for their opinion on this issue.

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