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Sensation vs. Sense – Farmers’ Protest

Sensation is Short, Sense is Sustainable

It is important to be sensitive enough to life & humanity but it is not necessary to expect or trigger sensations of excitement and high emotions many times. The statement is in the context of practical social life where the popular public figures & leaders perform an act only for show purpose to cause excitement or sensation among the common people. In current situation surrounding Farmers’ protest such sensations are created by sensational people by sensational comments that may trigger disturbance in the society & nation. The nation has witnessed many disturbances in the past which turned into riots causing chaos in the public life.

It is the duty & responsibility of public figures of society to contribute to raise awareness among the common people and farmers related to the benefits of the new laws. The farmers’ unions, political parties in opposition, political leaders and public figures from cinema, music and sports industry should help farmers to achieve better life and living. The genuine efforts to serve humanity and the nation are needed in difficult times and the common people will definitely remember the people who stand with farmers’ and common people of Bharat.

It is very painful to think about the challenges of common people & the poor farmers who have to suffer due to these protests in capital Delhi and other parts of the country. There are many people, women and children, old people who are misled to leave their homes in severe winter month and to live these days without work at the fields or farms. The common public of the country will not forgive the opportunists and greedy people who are misleading farmers only for personal or selected interests or benefits.

15th day of Farmers’ (political) protest and a statement of union leaders at the Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border), the epicentre of the protestors became sensational headline –

Farmers’ Union leaders called for nationwide sit-in protest on Dec 14, they said to block Delhi-Jaipur National Highway by Dec 12

Now let us try to make sense of this sensational news. After the failure of Bharat Bandh on 8th Dec 2020 the agenda of political parties in Opposition, unions and misled group of farmers for unjust demand to completely repeal the revolutionary farming laws continue.

The government has taken necessary initiatives to resolve the issue and so far five rounds of discussion have been held between 3 minister group & the farmers’ leaders. The farmers’ leaders cancelled sixth round of discussion proposed on Wednesday. The All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) released their statement on government’s proposal in which they also rejected the proposal of central government to make adequate amendments in the laws to address any concerns of farmers.

Protest Politics of Opposition leaders – NCP chief Sharad Pawar, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, CPI leader D Raja, CPI-M General secretary Sitaram Yechury and TKS Elangovan of DMK political party met the President on Wednesday. They presented a memorandum asking to repeal the three agriculture laws enacted on 27 Sept 2020.

It is the responsibility of opposition leaders to make sure that these laws should be implemented at the earliest and most effectively in the interest of farmers, their families, the development of nation and for improvement in the GDP and economy of the nation.

Spiritual Perspective – We must live with a sense of gratitude meaning we must realize the importance of everything that we have by the grace of God. When the nation has good governance and good leaders in central government who are ready to resolve the concern of citizens then we must work to give maximum support and service for the development of nation. Farmers of Punjab & Haryana, & other protesting farmers’ unions should have positive approach for the development of agriculture industry with the reforming laws that will benefit all the farmers across the country including small farmers & other farm labourers.

Other Sensations – The talented artists related to cinema, music industry normally become sensations among common citizens through the media reach. It is the responsibility of public figures & celebrities to bring necessary awareness among the common people and farmers about the positive aspects and reforms with the new agriculture laws.

Following public figures have shown support to farmers protest –

  1. Gippy Grewal – a Punjabi sensation supports farmers’ protest. He expressed his unhappiness for certain people from Bollywood whom he expected to support the protest.

In a tweet he said, My tweet was for them who call them from Punjab and not even utter a single word. They all vanish.

  1. Taapsee Pannu – Bollywood actress support to Gippy Grewal and to the farmers’ protest.
  2. Diljit Dosanjh – actor-singer from Punjab joined the protest at Singhu border on Dec 5 and he also supported farmers’ protest and as per the news sources he donated Rs. 1 crore to buy winter wear for the protesting farmers.
  3. Later popular Bollywood actors including Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Ritiesh Deshmukh, director Hansal Mehta, singer Vishal Dadlani, Sonu Sood, Swara Bhasker expressed their support to farmers’ protest through social media calling them as ‘India’s Food Soldiers’.

The support of these few people to farmers’ protest is as misleading as the agenda of whole protest itself. The people with genuine concern for development of farmers’ condition & farming should help farmers to understand the new laws correctly and to clear all doubts and myths due to any misinterpretation. I would like to request important people, public figures and celebrities to make positive contribution with positive approach.

Sensation vs. Sense – Sustainable certainly the celebrities make sensations but their understanding and actions are far from sense to raise awareness among poor farmers to understand the revolutionary reforming farm bills that will lead to sustainable development of farming and farmers’ living conditions across the nation.

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