Sensex slumps 440.37 points during week

Mumbai: The BSE Sensex slumped by 440.37 points or 0.83 per cent to settle at 52,484.67 in week under review on concerns over the rapid spread of the new highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant.

Firm crude oil prices also dented investors sentiment.

The Nifty 50 too fell 138.15 points or 0.87 pc to settle at 15,722.20.

BSE Mid-Cap fell 43.83 or 0.19 per cent to settle at 22,505.82. BSE Small-Cap added 571.03 points or 2.28 per cent to settle at 25,567.26.

On Monday, the Sensex, fell 189.45 points to settle at 52,735.59. Nifty lost 45.65 points to settle at 15,814.70.

On Tuesday, it was dropped 185.93 points to settle at 52,549.66. Nifty lost 66.25 points to settle at 15,748.45.

On Wednesday, the sensex shed 66.95 points to settle at 52,482.71. Nifty lost 26.95 points to settle at 15,721.50.

It remained under pressure on Thursday too as the Sensex fell 164.11 points to settle at 52,318.60. Nifty too fell 41.50 points to settle at 15,680.

On Friday, it was recovered 166.07 points to settle at 52,484.67. Nifty added 42.20 points to settle at 15,722.20.

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