Sesa Celebrates National Energy Conservation Day

Sesa Industries Ltd. celebrated National Energy Conservation Day on 14th December at Pig Iron Plant (PIP), Amona. To celebrate this occasion, various competitions were held throughout the week for the employees, Sesa Technical School students and children of Government High School Amona and Navelim.
Poster and elocution competitions based on the theme ‘Energy Conservation’ were conducted for high school students from Amona and Navelim in the company premises. It was judged by the energy manager, electrical manager and the assistant general manager of PIP.

Around 70 students participated in these competitions which offered students a platform, to know more about energy conservation.
The events organised for company employees included seminar on energy audit and quiz competition and idea generation competition was organized for Sesa technical school students.

NEW SCHEME FOR STUDENTS: Sesa Dnyanjyoti Shishyavritti, one of the educational activities as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility was introduced at Somnath English High School, Savergal, Kirlapal, Dabal by Sesa Goa for the current academic year.
Under this scheme 292 students were given cheques, certificates or tokens of appreciation to encourage them to pursue higher education in their respective fields.
Meritorious students from standard V to standard XII from schools in Sesa Goa’s areas of operation can avail of this scheme. The Scheme has covered 49 high schools and eight higher secondary schools benefitting 292 meritorious students from academic year 2009-10.

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