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Settling down back in Goa

Kedar Nagekar has pursued Computer Engineering from Don Bosco College of Engineering and is currently working at FlipAR, Banglore. He had moved to Bangalore for around two years for work purpose but now has again settled down in Goa and is remotely working for the company. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Kedar: There are very less opportunities in Goa. It is one-tenth of Bangalore to be honest. In Bangalore, one gets to choose between companies and the pay is double as well. In Goa, there are not much IT companies. And the pay is way lesser. There are few MNCs but again no good opportunities for freshers. What is the difference between Bangalore and Goa?

Kedar: Banglore is mostly known for its Breweries. It is crowded and possess good transport facilities like Metro, Uber, Ola etc. One gets to see people from different regions of the country. All professions have equal respect irrespective of the job profile. There are more resources and exposure there. Bangalore being Metropolitan city, weekend is off for the employees. But the drawback is traffic. Also, one does not get personal time. Goa is complete opposite. It is “Sushegad” in true sense. There are no facilities available after midnight. Almost everything closes down after 9pm. There are no alternatives for resources. It is difficult to manage during emergencies. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid-19?

Kedar: I could not attend my swimming classes. Also, I missed playing Football. Football grounds are still closed. There were less resources available during lockdown. I did not face any major issues though. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Kedar: Safety of women is a major concern in India. There’s so much happening in India currently. Economy has gone down. Some of my friends either have lost jobs or received half of their salaries. Additionally, India widely lacks in sports. There is not much importance given to other sports. It just promotes Cricket.  There’s only Football ISL. Other countries have their sports structured. I think India must work on promoting all kinds of sports. Also, Justice is slow and expensive. By expensive I mean, one has to invest a lot of time along with the money. How do you think Goa CM is handling the situation?

Kedar: I think Goa government is doing fine. I feel, it needs to spend more on Tourism. There’s nothing made appealing in South Goa, as a result, Tourists tend to explore North Goa more. South Goa could be more developed. Also, sports section should be given more attention.

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