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Shah Commission report accused Rane, Kamat on Govt PAC panel

In a strange twist that is clearly exposing the double standards of the current Parrikar-led government, former Chief Minister and Minister for Mines, Digambar Kamat and former Chief Minister Pratapsingh Rane has been appointed on the panel of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) whom amongst other issue will also be investigating the illegal mining issue.

Shah Commission report which exposed the estimated Rs 35000 crore illegal mining scam in Goa, has clearly accused and indicted Kamat as being responsible for the extent of the illegal mining in the state, when he was the Minister for Mines in both the BJP and Congress governments.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had on the release of the Shah Commission report categorically stated that the government would file FIRs against both Rane and Kamat by October 10. So far, however, the government has failed to act on this issue.

While political sources say that Rane by virtue of being the Leader of Opposition is normally the first choice to be appointed on the PAC panel, it is strange that Kamat has found himself on the same panel.

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