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Shah Commission Report Delay Tactics

Knowing the gravity of the situation with regards to illegal mining in the state of Goa during the ruling of the Congress-led government, Union Minister of Mines Dinsha Patel appears to be in no hurry in reading the first part of the report sent to him by the Shah Commission.

Responding to a query by Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik, Union minister of state for mines Dinsha Patel has said he has received Shah Commission’s report on mining in Goa and is studying the same.

Patel said he is awaiting reports pertaining to other states. While adding that there is a six-month period to lay the report on the table of the House, Patel said the government would try and do it earlier, but he would have to study the report first.

Naik had raised the issue during question hour in Parliament. Naik also sought to know how the commission submitted the report in part, when there is no provision in the law for the same. There should either be an interim report or a final report, he said.


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