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Shanta Kumar, Modi and Parrikar in the top three for BJP National President


In what is appearing to be a certainty that current BJP President Nitin Gadkari will resign from his position on account of recent financial scandal brought against him and pressures from different quarters in the party and RSS, senior BJP leaders have already initiated the process from December 20 onwards to find a successor before January 17, 2013. has learnt to through senior sources from the BJP in New Delhi that the next BJP National President is likely to be chosen from amongst former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Shanta Kumar (current senior vice-president), Narendra Modi who has just won the Gujarat Election for the third-time and Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister of Goa are the top three contenders for the post.

While it is evident that both Modi and Parrikar appear to be a step ahead of Shanta Kumar, the question doing the rounds in the BJP circles is whether Modi and Parrikar will accept the position, considering Modi has set his sights on projecting himself as the next BJP prime ministerial candidate and Parrikar has not evinced report to move to the Centre stage until his government has helped developed Goa as planned. has also learnt that senior leaders from the BJP are expected to be in Goa next week to meet with Parrikar and discuss the BJP way forward and his contribution on the national stage.


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