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Shantaram To Move For Independent High Court

Rajya Sabha Member Shantaram Naik on Saturday declared that he will move for an independent High Court for Goa at the forthcoming session of the Parliament and added that he was silent on the issue because the legal fraternity in Goa was divided over it.
Pointing out that it is the constitutional right of Goa to have an independent High Court, he recalled that he had first made this demand 25 years ago when he was the president of the South Goa Advocates Association and later on had also asked for when he was the Lok Sabha member.
“However, as the advocates in Goa were vertically divided on this issue, I did not pursue it subsequently,” he said.

Shantaram expressed happiness that a consensus has now emerged on the topic and people have realized the advantage of having an independent High Court.
The consensus on this issue has emerged following suspension of two respected Judges on the Sessions Court recently which is allegedly done to mar the chances of Goan judges getting elevated to the High Court which being the Bombay High Court is dominated by Maharashtrians.
Shantaram while pointing out that Goa is capable and also entitled to have an independent High Court recalled that a full fledged High Court with five sitting judges functioned in Goa during the Portuguese regime and the high court had jurisdiction not only over Goa, Daman and Diu but also Macau and Timor for about four centuries.

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