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Sharon Live at World Konkani Cultural Convention

Sharon Mazarello know for her melodious voice and fine acting will be performing live on 30th November at the First World Konkani Cultural Convention currently underway at Mangalore.
The first ever Konkani Cultural Convention organized by Mand Sobhann and being held at Kalaangan will see Konkani speaking people from all over the world converging at Mangalore for the mega event.
For her show Sharon will be accompanied by a brass band from Goa led by internationally acclaimed Theo Alvares. Besides, she will be joined on stage by Wilmix, Young Chico, Jessie Dias, Albert-Andrew and the Mil-Mel-Nel Trio.

The troupe will also be aided in their performance by Claron Mazarello and his dancers.
Sharon has earned accolades for her role in the recently released Konkani film Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?. Claron Mazarello’s choreography for the same film also was appreciated.

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