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Sherry on a top

I finally got down to watching Navjot Singh Sidhu’s speech at the 84th Congress Plenary.

Now let me be brutally honest, I am no fan of Sherry’s brand of comedy though his ’Shayaris’ are pretty good. To me he is akin to a laughing jackass with no purpose; at most times he is unbearable.

But to be fair to him, he has carved a niche for himself in this space; that change in his career from cricket to commentary and then comedy, created the mind space for him to venture into politics.

Indian politics is full of jokers, so Sidhu joining this group of people was like coming home to family and friends. Unfortunately for him, he is not sure where is his real home. Sometimes BJP, sometimes AAP and now he is singing ballads about Congress.

His speech at the Congress Plenary was filled with such sycophancy, it felt like he was begging to be accepted with open arms into the Congress family. He brought out the fact that his mother had always supported the Congress; I wonder how the realisation dawned on him, after he went romancing with other political parties.

Nothing wrong in being a rolling stone but he is not going to gather any moss along the way, probably remorse.

I am sure he has reasons for being miffed at BJP, they punctured his over-ambition. He had inflated into a balloon and Amit Shah just took a pin and punctured it.

I am sure of one-thing though, he has found his home in the Congress and with Rahul Bhai. Together they would make a wonderful pair of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber – 3. While Rahul is a specimen from Jupiter, Sidhu appears to be from Uranus.

I cannot get over the fact that he had to ask people to clap when he was trying to be funny or making a point during his speech.

Sidhu is tenacious and thats a good trait to have. I think he must aspire to grow politically, because eventually people will get fed up with his jokes and when he is a politician, they will have no choice but to laugh at his jokes, even if they do not want too – perks of being a politician and with the Congress he will learn to make it a profitable career.

He vowed to be relentless to work towards seeing Rahul Gandhi as PM of India. That clearly shows he has absolute no interest of India in mind; because anyone who sees Rahul as a PM has got no grey matter at all. Anyone else in Congress but Rahul, will still be acceptable to normal Indian citizens, the sycophants of course swear by Rahul’s intelligence. Like Sidhu said, “Rahul Gandhi is like a sugar-cane, sweet on the outside and inside.” But what he forgot to add is that too much of sugar-cane can get you running to the toilet and that would certainly not be a ‘Prem Katha’.

My best wishes to Sidhu, I am sure India needs aspiring politicians like you; it makes the news entertaining and rib-tickling funny. However, please stop spinning on your top thinking everyone has got their eyes on you; remember everybody loves a Johnny Lever but he is not Akshay Kumar.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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