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Ship’s Hull Cracks on Maiden Voyage

Passengers on the maiden cruise from Mumbai to Goa and back had a lucky escape as the vessel’s hull developed cracks in the high seas while on its journey back to Mumbai from Goa resulting in a nightmarish experience for the crew and passengers who were looking for a dream cruise.
The cruise liner M V Ocean Life arrived at Mormugao Port Trust on its maiden cruise journey from Mumbai on Monday at around 1:20 pm and left the Goa port at around 10:15 pm on Monday.

However, when the vessel was in deep sea, its hull developed cracks and water entered the ship. The captain alerted the authorities about this development at 12:35 midnight and rescue vessels were immediately dispatched.
In a joint operation by MPT, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard, three tugs along with pilot boats of the port along with ships of the Navy and Coast Guard rushed to the distressed vessel which had begun tilting by the time the rescue mission arrived.
The three tugs stabilized the vessel while two ships of the Navy and Coast Guard guided the vessel back to the Mormugao Port. The vessel was re-anchored at the port at around 4 am on Tuesday and has now been moved to the Western India Shipyard Ltd. for repairs.
European cruise company M/s Blue Ocean Cruises has started the Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai cruise with the vessel M V Ocean Life which has reportedly been refurbished at the cost of around ` 100 crore and was scheduled to make two trips a week which would be increased depending upon the demand.

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