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Shivdas Prefers His Chair

Goa Konkani Academi (GKA) President Shivdas Naik alias N Shivdas on Monday retracted his earlier promise to resign over the medium of instruction issue.
Shivdas who has joined hands with the Bharati Bhasha Suraksha Manch had earlier stated that he would resign as GKA president to protest against the government’s decision to provide grants to English medium schools.

However, on Monday while the BBSM was announcing its new campaign, he said he had decided against resigning to prevent protagonists of Roman Konkani script protagonists of occupying his chair.
While admitting that he had announced his decision to resign, he however said he had changed his mind after realizing that others are just waiting to grab his chair.
His comment that he was working directly for promotion of language as against other BBSM members who had resigned from the positions were not, drew protests and objections from other members of BBSM present for the briefing.

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