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Show me your Indian passport: Goan Passenger to North East Air Hostess on AI

In a shocking episode of racial slur against a North Eastern witnessed by me personally on board the Air India flight AI-994 from Dubai to Goa, a Goan passenger wanting more drinks beyond the stipulated allotment of two per passenger, started to question the fact that she was an Indian and demanded to know if she had an Indian passport.

Passenger sitting on seat 10-C which is an aisle seat, one Domingos Gomes before mouthing the racial comment to the North-East air hostess named Nom – threw his weight around the discussion claiming to have a Portuguese passport and that he knows the global rules.

While the Pursuer Ankit decided to calm Gomes down and offered him another drink beyond the stipulated capacity per passenger, the now annoying passenger disturbing other passengers with his vile behaviour started to demand for more drinks. Till the North-Eastern girl and a senior colleague refused to relent. To which he started further verbally throwing his weight around saying, “You were probably never born before I started sitting in an aircraft. Don’t teach me the rules.”

While the airline staff whom I spoke too did not want to raise the issue with the concerned airport authorities, as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief feel completely offended that a North-Eastern sister of ours was questioned about her Indian status.

This article is my formal complaint as a fellow passengers to the Minister of State for Civil Aviation and the concerned airport authorities in Goa, to investigate the matter and create protective mechanisms for airport personnel to not be victims of racial slur under the guise of being hospitable.


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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