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Showers Greet Goans


10th December dawned cloudy over Goa and soon the showers came down drenching the terrain. Although the rain was not heavy, the light showers had people scurrying for cover and children on the way to their schools were the most inconvenienced.
With the showers this morning, 2010 has become the wettest year as except for the month of February, it has rained in all the other months in Goa.
Rains have been erratic over the last few years and though this year the monsoon was a healthy one, intermittent showers in the subsequent months has become a cause of concern.

It may be recalled that in 2009 a cloudburst over Canacona wrecked havoc in the taluka with many people’s houses getting damaged and even destroyed while the entire paddy cultivation and other horticulture plantations being affected.
In fact, in the year 2008 it even rained on Christmas day.


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