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Sidhnath Shines At Mangalore

Sidhanath Buyao leading Buyao Theatres Goem, once again shone at Mangalore regaling Konkani lovers gathered there from all over the world for the ongoing World Konkani Cultural Convention when he performed live on 13th December.
His father’s immortal song Munglurachea Xarant went down well with the crowd and the lines kazar ami javumya, sukhan sonvsar korum-ia, Goy ani Munglurachem natem ami jodum-ia touched an emotional chord in the Konkani speaking communities of the two regions.
The large crowd kept the beat of the songs as they were sung by the troupe comprising of Sidhanath and Nephie Rod.

Sidhanath began the show by singing Jezu Christa and Deva mhojea Deva two extremely popular devotional songs composed and earlier sung by his late father Goem Sahir Ulhas Buyao. Both the songs were much appreciated by the Bishop of Mangalore who was present as the Chief Guest that day.
While the older songs of his father brought pleasant memories and were much appreciated, Sidhanath’s caliber as a musician was also recognized as the crowd lapped up his compositions and enjoyed them to the hilt, particularly songs from his latest offering Buyao Rocks Konkani.
Channeache Rati and Yo go to Colva Yo from the older selection and Kaju Feni and Rani Vani from the latest album were particularly liked by the crowd.
Sidhanath and Nephie were accompanied on the instruments by Yatin Talaulikar (tabla), Angelo Cardozo (keyboards), Irshad (saxophone), Arvind Tengse (chorus). Pankaj Namshikar compered the show with his signature elegance.

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