Simon Dias: Testimony To Grit & Determination

It was only grit and determination to improve his lot fuelled by his passion for decoration that enabled Simon Dias to jump out of the very poor financial status that he was born in, to emerge today as Goa’s leading prop supplier for all occasions.
Recalling his childhood, the tough days are still very vivid in his memories when he had to work in the evenings in fields and properties to fund his education. After completing the elementary education Simon did various jobs including that of being a motorcycle pilot.

While in this occupation, he got an opportunity to join the police service as a rider and was part of the entourage that led the Chief Minister and Governor at various official functions. From there he got absorbed as a driver and subsequently opted for VRS after serving the department for 20 years during which he was promoted to Head Constable.
Early in his life, he discovered an inborn talent to create props and during his free time, he was found carving thermocol to prepare flowers, birds, hearts and various other figures. While working in the police department, he faced quite a lot of harassment from his seniors who found his habit of carving during whenever he was idle, a little difficult to digest.
Simon began taking up contracts for doing the décor for small parties in the village and for his friends. As his fame grew, he began getting contracts for weddings and bigger functions and thus began his sojourn as a decorator that prompted him to form his own company ‘Dias Decorators’.
He retired from service and set up shop in his home town of Merces and began concentrating on this new business which was ever growing given the fact that Goans are fun loving people who like to party and every party needed some décor.
However, it was not smooth sailing as one day, four hooligans attacked him while in his office. He survived the murderous attack and went back to work without even bothering to lodge a complaint against his assailants.
Today, Dias Decorators is the one stop for all and sundry for any decoration that they want. In fact, an event management company from Bombay is his regular client taking props from him. His props have been used in various films shot in Goa including the hit Golmaal 3. Besides, his props and ideas are used for various events in the starred hotels in Goa.
His regret however, is that he is not contacted for his props directly. Instead it is the event management company that requisitions his props as a result of which the credit is taken by the company while his work is largely unrecognized.
Not one to take things lying down, and with his rich experience of having literally crawled out of the morass, Simon Dias is now determined to change the situation and showcase not only his talent but also his company’s potential.
He has designed props for various themes including Goan carnival, beach ambience, pirate ship, to name a few. With the help of his daughter who is studying at the Home Science College, he now proposes to set up a company that will handle event management.
His new dream appears to be on the path of realisation as already he is flooded with enquiries for theme decors for weddings. And if this new venture succeeds then there will be no stopping Simon Dias and his Dias Decorators.

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