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Sins of ‘Too’ Much!

It is said, ‘Too’ Much of anything is bad.

In the last week on account of the Indian Youth.  Congress election, ‘too’ much was being done by the Alemao camp to intimidate, bribe and manipulate ministers, MLAs and members of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress so as to swing the votes in favour of the PWD Minister’s daughter Valanka Alemao. From Churchill Alemao personally speaking to ministers and MLAs to offering PWD jobs; from threatening to shoot a member of the Youth Congress from Mapusa who did not succumb to Alemao deathly charms to threatening even his fellow strong MLAs, the PWD minister gave ‘too much’ a new definition in an election of not so much consequence other than the fact that if Valanka become the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress President, it would give them more leverage to blackmail the Congress party for a ticket; which was clearly the intention right from the start.

Even the Chief Minister decided to get into the ‘too much’ act, which is indeed surprising, since in most meetings at the Centre with the party high command, Digambar Kamat has been making Churchill Alemao the bane to all the reasons of bad governance in the state of Goa; so it was surprising to see the CM come-out in support of the PWD minister daughter and so openly that he even called a meeting of a few ministers to garner support for Valanka Alemao and spoke to the media about it, with no holds barred attitude; an action that is very rare on the part of the CM. Some say its a syndrome of the famous adage in politics ‘No permanent enemies, no permanent friends’, but, I think differently. To me it seems that the Chief Minister’s actions on this issue do not seem unintentional but deliberate, as though he wanted Valanka Alemao to get disqualified and push his candidate Jitesh Kamat up. But as fate would have it both Jitesh Kamat and Valanka Alemao have received the ‘disqualification show-cause notices’.

Members of the Goa Pradesh Youth Congress had ‘too much’ of the Alemaos. Many felt cheated and betrayed that Valanka Alemao who had done nothing for the GPYC suddenly wants to become its president by standing on the shoulders of her father and his blackmailing tactics. So they decided to not act aggressively but wisely. While PWD and CM bulldozed their way into trying to get ministers and MLAs to submit to their demands of getting their youth members to vote for Valanka, they decided to watch the senior Congress leaders tie nooses around their own necks and that of their candidates. Little did the old-timers realise their folly as the young guns played by the book in their own style.

As far as the mood in the camp of Indian Youth Congress leaders in Delhi goes; it is the same as in the All India Congress Committee camp, they are all tired of Churchill Alemao and his blackmailing antics. Their informers had already briefed them on the intent of both the father and daughter for the GPYC election and forthcoming Assembly election but they had to play by the rule-book. And the CMs overtures opened the door, giving the IYC leaders a window of opportunity to act by the rulebook since it is against the election code of conduct to garner support from other ministers and MLAs.

Churchill and Valanka will be raving, ranting and scratching their heads trying to figure-out the entire game plan and strategist behind this sudden stoppage of the ‘I am going to be Youth Congress President’ train. They need not look very far. Sometimes permanent enemies remain enemies even though they act as friends. And not all act of support is really true support, especially when you show it off to the media.

But for once it is heartening to see youth members come together to strategically play this ‘rulebook’ politics which worked against strong adversaries and too see that the Congress High Command is now not willing to bend to the dictates of the Alemaos.

The bigger question though, is, whether Churchill Alemao will quit the Congress party as he has been saying since the last ten days, if his daughter does not win the President’s post in the upcoming youth elections; or was those brave statements nothing but the brags of loud mouth minister.

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