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Sirigao Communidade Accused Mining Cos Of Grabbing Land

One of Goa’s oldest institutes, the Sirigao Communidade has accused mining companies of bribing government officials to grab its land in excess of what was allotted to them.
In a complaint addressed to Chief Secretary, the Sirigao Communidade has alleged that vast tracts of its land on the Eastern and Southern side of the village have been usurped by the mining companies.

Pointing out that these lands were used in common, the Communidade has asked the Chief Secretary to take action against the mining companies in light of the Supreme Court judgement pronounced on 28th January this year that land in commons cannot be taken over by anybody and has to be kept for use in commons.
The complaints accused mining companies of taking over properties of individuals that had houses, agricultural land, water bodies, temple properties and also its own properties.

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