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Skin Novel Released

Skin – novel by Margaret Mascarenhas, co-published by Broadway Publishing House and Goa1556 was released at the Casa de Moeda (the Mint House) Festival 2010 on Sunday evening.
In Skin, the writer tells the story of Maria Miranda Flores (a.k.a. Pagan), who travels from her home in California to her grandmother’s house in Goa in search of answers to ghosts and dreams that have long plagued her.
Her aging ayah Esperanca unravels a story that runs through several generations — family fortune built on slave running, complex men and women, social inequities, and strange admixtures in genetic pools.

With fascinating imagery, she depicts a story which crosses the Portuguese conquest of Goa, a cross-continental slave trade, Angolan tribal lore and Hindu myths.

Mascarenhas said she had chosen publishers promoting Goa-based writing. “I would like to promote Goan and Goa-based artists and photographers,” she said, pointing to the new cover of the book which involves the work of Dr Ravi Kerkar and Loutolim-based artist Chris Furtado.
American-born Margaret Mascarenhas is a freelance writer, columnistand editorial consultant of Goan origin who has lived, worked and taught in the U.S. and India during the course of her career. Residing in Goa, she is presently on India tour to promote her new novel.

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