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Sleeping with Cambridge Analytica is a betrayal of trust Rahul

The action of the Congress and their now exposed links to Intelligence and Data Analytics firm Cambridge Analytica and its mother firm SCL Group London is downright treason.

I would never have a problem if an Indian firm was used to gather information and then assist in creating political strategies or even position the marketing gimmicks to allure the voters to one’s idea of governance. But to allow a foreign company with foreign interests and exposing millions of Indians through their personal data details to such crooked companies such as SCL is criminal in nature. It is akin to letting a wolf into the hen house.

Congress in its ambition to play political games with BJP had no business putting at risk the lives of millions of Indians through their alliance with Cambridge Analytica.

I have no reason to doubt the words or tweets of The Whistle Blower ‘Christopher Wylie’ when he exposes the alliance between Cambridge Analytica and Congress. He also goes on to expose the work of Cambridge Analytica in India which is shocking because it clearly states that Congress had hired them to work on various strategies – one being – caste divide.

Rahul Gandhi needs to explain this truth to the people of India. BJP must act sternly and firmly on this massive breach of trust by the Congress, and if anyone in BJP is also involved with Cambridge Analytica, they must come out with the truth now, before more damage is done.

During the run up to Lok Sabha elections, Apco Worldwide was rumoured to have assisted Narendra Modi in his PR campaign. It is also assisted in the PR campaign for the state of Gujarat. But if you analyse their methods, it was not divisive but based on the failures and corruption of Congress. I am sure BJP also had access to a lot of data, but they were most handled by their data analytics team, some of whom I personally knew, who were mostly Indians and this data was not exposed to foreign manipulators. This data was used to communicate. Every political party does that – communicates by channels available. Even corporate companies do.

With Cambridge Analytica, millions of data of Indians are now in the hands of global political manipulators and that is a dangerous position for India to be in, because we have been sitting targets for such manipulations for years.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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