SMAARC Hosts a Virtual Panel Discussion on ‘Adopting the Manufacturing’s New Normal’

The Smart Manufacturing with AI, AR and Robotics Consortium (SMAARC) hosted a virtual panel discussion with experts in technology, automation and business processes to discuss the changing trends in the manufacturing industry and how manufacturers must prepare to adopt the manufacturings new normal.

Panelists at the webinar

With an audience of over 250, it was a fascinating discussion on how COVID-19 has impacted the manufacturing sector and how manufacturers are looking to adopt robust technologies to proliferate manufacturing.

Eric Malis, CMO of Lincode Labs Inc., US, led and moderated the virtual panel discussion on how manufacturing industry is ready to kick start operations by addressing challenges such as labor shortage, inefficient production, disturbed supply chain, etc. and the importance of adopting and investing in technologies to combat the challenges in the manufacturing posed due to COVID-19.

The event kicked off with comments from Rajesh Iyengar, the Founder and CEO of Lincode Labs Inc. and the principal architect of SMAARC. Mr. Iyengar explained, SMAARC is a consortium formed to build a collaborative ecosystem of manufacturing specialists and leverage each others talents, experiences and connections in situations of crisis such as this or otherwise.”

After a successful event in January 2020, which was held in the prestigious Leela Palace, Bengaluru, this is the second event which marks the advent of SMAARC in the web conferencing space. Mr. Malis exclaimed, “Since the previous event in January, interest in joining the SMAARC community has only continued to grow and the current situation has showed us that the World stands united when in need and that physical presence is least of the matters to connect with fellow humans in today’s world!”

Topics of the virtual panel discussion included:

  • Workforce crunch due to COVID-19
  • Challenges in manufacturing and production
  • Supply chain management trends in a post-COVID-19 world

Srinath K, VP, MAC Tools and Automation: It is the best time to automate right now as enhancing the efficiency of production is a challenge today. So, if you are confident about your company’s performance and business in future, it is the right time to invest in automation.

Sanjay Sharma, Director, Ai4M technology Pvt. Ltd.: We must now look for technologies that are self-adopting and promise speed and agility to keep up with the changing manufacturing trends.

Veeresh Patil, Digital Transformation Head, Mann-Hummel: Digitalization is growing at a fast pace; the market is estimated to be worth 123 Billion Euros in two years.

So, any new technology that enhances productivity and efficiency will be certainly welcomed.

Vikas Anwekar, Business Head, Baumer India: We must not be apprehensive about costs in scaling up automation. There are plenty of other feasible means to adopt the technologies such as AI; it is here to stay.


The Smart Manufacturing with AI, AR & Robotics Consortium (SMAARC) is an ecosystem of industrial partners at the forefront of manufacturing technology and innovation. The consortium hosts discussion groups and events to enable manufacturing specialists to leverage each other’s talents, experiences, and connections in order to build new partnerships, busting the myth that building smart factories is inherently expensive, complicated, and time-consuming; SMAARC helps manufacturing companies adopt cutting-edge automation solutions for Industry 4.0.

More information about SMAARC is available at The website contains a full list of the presenters and details about how to learn more about current innovations in the manufacturing sector.

About Lincode Labs Inc.

Lincode Labs Inc. is an AI and IoT company enabling manufacturers to identify, predict and eliminate product defects using computer vision and machine learning. The company’s patent-pending deep learning solution enables manufacturing companies to identify objects, components, text, dimensions, colors and defects in revolutionary ways compared to traditional machine vision technology. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing manufacturing environments and enables manufactures to adapt quickly to new customer demands and production requirements.

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