India Launch Opens New Vista for SME Growth In Cambodia

Prospects for the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector of Cambodia got brighter with launch of the portal, a joint initiative of SRAM & MRAM Group and the FASMEC (Federation of Associations of SME’s in Cambodia).



Left to Right: SRAM & MRAM Group Chairman Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and FASMEC President Oknha te Taingpor


SRAM & MRAM Group Chairman Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani said since service sector dominates the economy of Cambodia, there is need to promote the private sector for a bigger role. This end, said Dr Hiranandani, can be achieved through greater impetus to the manufacturing sector. “The portal SMEXASEAN will play the vital role of bringing the banking, insurance, warehousing and logistics sector on a single platform to promote the SME sector in Cambodia,” said the SRAM & MRAM Chairman.


FASMEC President Oknha te Taingpor called up on the ASEAN countries to join hands for success in the competitive world. Citing the trade war between the production giants of the world, he said smaller countries need to safeguard against becoming a victim of the ruthless competition. He welcomed SMEXASEAN and expressed hope that the portal will fulfil the long standing need for a platform to promote market activities in Cambodia through small and medium entrepreneurship. 


SRAM & MRAM  Group Director Ms. Mary Mam exuded confidence that SMEXASEAN will go a long way to boost developing growing economies like Cambodia, in a symbiotic partnership.  


SRAM and FASMEC have initially pledged USD 100,000 each for the upliftment of the SME sector in Cambodia. SRAM & MRAM Group Director Mr. Manoj Todi informed that with permission of the Government of India, the company had pre-launched SMEXINDIA. com to provide a bridge between the ASEAN and Indian markets, the latter being a consumption-oriented hub.


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) research scholar and social worker Mr. Sailesh Vats praised the pre-launched SMEXINDIA portal, saying the geo-political boundaries had blurred and as countries become increasingly inter-dependent, it will be in a larger interest and for the benefit of all.

Source: NV1

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