SMEXASEAN Comes to the Aid of Entrepreneurs in Cambodia


SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited has launched, a market place product in association with FASMEC (Federation of Associations of SME’s in Cambodia), to act as a fuel for the economy of Cambodia, which is currently ailing due to lack of proper initiatives to link the produce with the global market.



Left to Right: Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani, H.E. Ek Samol, Deputy Prime Minister-President of friendship Chinese Association, Oknha Te Taingpor, president of Federation of associations for small and medium enterprises of Cambodia


Shoulder to Shoulder

This initiative of SRAM will be the first of its kind project which will bring in the entire ASEAN community under one umbrella and all heavyweights of the association will rub shoulders with the Small and the Medium Enterprises of the lesser known siblings in the community.



Left to Right: Lok Oum Mengthai, H.E. Oknha Heng Vuthy, Oknha Te Taingpor President of FASMEC, Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani Chairman of SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited


‘Need Synergy for Growth’

Speaking on the function to launch the, Chairman and Founder of SRAM & MRAM Resources Limited, Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani spoke about his brainchild and reiterated the need for corporate sector and the government to initiate an object-oriented path to provide the SME sector the necessary impetus to run in step with the larger corporate giants. “The need of the hour is to initiate a synergised approach to growth. Our objective is to bring the SMEs under one roof by providing them all the necessities to consummate business activities without having to worry about the nitty-gritty of finding a buyer or seller. Our application provides them with a complete launch pad for enhancing business by providing links to and an interface with consumers, NGOs, government, banks, insurance and work out the logistics. Dr. Hiranandani has also stated that SRAM has set plans to launch similar initiatives in India with its portals.


Opportunity for Cambodia

FASMEC President Oknha Te Taingpor was all praise for the initiatives and said that this Joint Venture will help the Cambodian SME sector to reach its rightful place vis-à-vis its ASEAN neighbours.


SMEXASEAN’s Indian Avatar

Infinite New India, an NGO from India has shown keen interest in replicating the SMEXASEAN model to help the SME sector in India. Mr. Sailesh Vats, Social Worker and RSS Research Scholar, praised the business model adopted by SMEXASEAN and has assured all necessary support to ensure its launch and success in India.

Source: NV1


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