Soap Star Joins Walk to Raise Diabetes Awareness

A family fun walk will be organized by Diabetes awareness charity “Silver Star” on Sunday, 7th September to raise money for a diabetes charity. People will join the founder patron, Keith Vaz MP and actress Nina Wadia in the hour long walk which will take place at 1pm from Metro Bank Edgware, High Street, UK. All the proceeds of this event will go to the charity.  The winners will receive their certificate from Mrs Nina Wadia.

The Organizers, Silver Star, who has recently opened their new office in Harrow, also hold free diabetes checks at the civic centre. 

Founder of this Awareness Program, Keith Vaz MP states, “Diabetes is effecting more and more people so it is vital that we raise awareness through community events like the Family Fun Walk. Some of our residents will not know they have diabetes, others will be able to reduce their chances of getting it by making changes to their eating habits. The walk will be a fantastic chance to get together, have some fun and hopefully enjoy the sunshine. You can help make a real difference by signing up.” 

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