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Sharad Karpur

Sharad Karpur is a software engineer from Mumbai. He has worked in the IT sector in Mumbai for the past few years. In conversation with Susparsha Gaikwad, Reporter at How did the COVID-19 lockdown impact your life?

Sharad: The lockdown initially did take a toll on me. I am not used to sitting in the house for such a long time. I felt caged. Lockdown time was much more of a self-reflection. But I did certain things to keep my self occupied. I followed news. The disruption of social activities was quiet disturbing. What do you think about the job market in India?

Sharad: Indian job market is stagnant. There are considerably fewer job opportunities. Service sectors like IT, engineering, finance is growing rapidly. But overall the Indian job market is not in good shape. And with COVID-19 hitting the world, it is overall a scattered scenario in Indian job market. Though freelancing jobs have been picking up rapidly lately. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Sharad: Culturally, politically, also political economy wise we are heading in the right direction. It is good to see that we Indians who were once upon a time shy to accept our own culture, are not working towards retaining the same culture. There is a lot of churning happening. Earlier, people would not voice out their opinions, anger about the government. But with coming in of social media platforms like Twitter, people have begun to speak up. There has been a phenomenal change. Economically, I would not say that we are heading in the right direction. Our focus is still service oriented. Talking of our political economy, we are doing well. The central government knows how to cater to the needs of the poor. They have taken steps in the right direction by opening up of the economy. What do you consider as hurdles in India’s growth?

Sharad: I would say bureaucracy and unnecessary litigations are two major factors that hamper our growth as a nation. The legal procedures in India are rigid. There is a lack of spirit of nationalism among the people of India. Another factor is the education system in the country. We have a Marxist kind education system that hurts the growth. It curbs the thinking of a child. There need to be severe reforms in India’s education system. Other than these factors, we have our neighbouring countries that have been working relentlessly towards curbing our growth as a nation. India’s health care sector needs to be up-scaled. Population explosion is also another problem that the nation is faced with today. What can be done to tackle the issues that the nation is facing?

Sharad: At an individual level, each one of must take up responsibilities. The government cannot do everything. Cleanliness needs to be maintained by each one of us. We need to be invested more in our culture. Entrepreneurship needs to grow in India. The nation needs job creators and not job seekers. Also the health care sector, education sector, and the law needs reforms to increase its efficiency.

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