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Social Media the new age Colonizer?

Is Social Media managing Perspectives? YES. Is it managing mind of the masses? YES. Is it using data we threw in, to design walls or gateways for those who are willing to pay for their own survival or benefit at the cost of innocent Social Media platform users?  MAYBE YES. And none of the above are new subjects on the table.

What is SM duplicating though? 

This is the really scary part. You will agree that today many platforms are treating their spaces as houses you can be invited to but get thrown out of at their will unceremoniously. Days of Orkut treated the user like God. The more data they collected on us over time, we are seeing the tables have turned. They are the Gods, and we are Peasants who can be denied basic rights on their territory -which incidentally WE shaped into a space to reckon with, by populating it.

I see a pattern. Colonization theory in application.

For a new land you need citizens. Without occupation mere space means nothing. When you are nobody, you use less to no power. Give all the liberty and rights that people are drawn to. Once people move in and are comfortable, life begins in normalcy. The guard is down. People begin revealing much of their strengths and weaknesses – now the study of people like pathogens begins. This is to design Power buttons. Every colonizer has done this in history. The design of Power buttons depends on the behaviour and choices of the people.

BANG. They bring in a covert structure that now curbs freedom, space, thinking and conduct. Here people get managed as they please. SM platforms with a lot of “settlers” are now running virtual countries. The ethos of the virtual land is directly linked to the orientation of its top leaders and management. There is a cost for truth carriers, supporters of an ideology that they do not want or are themselves not aligned to. Voices and Pens are getting silenced.

Narratives are built and released for outcomes. When it is apolitical, they can be working for Companies. When it is not about companies it is about political parties. When it is not about politics it is about religion controlling narratives. When it is not these it can be Feminism or even small sections of well-funded parts of society. The range of clients for SM platforms is wide thus who are also the external GOVERNING bodies.

Bottomline? Too many are managing who will be heard, viewed and have reach. Nothing is free.

Greatest and finest pens will break nibs here on. Strongest and most sane voices will be snubbed into dark corners. A renaissance of sorts which is a Global phenomenon is about to happen, the size and ferocity the world has never before seen.

Remember- “Liberty destroyed unleashes the Bison hidden in mankind.”

Seema Raghunathan

A Business & HR professional with forty percent of career in leading an HR Business consultancy. The remainder of her 24-year work experience was spent in Corporate India. Her experience traversed respected brands like Standard Chartered Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Fullerton India, and John Deere with exposure in Banks, NBFC, Insurance, ITES, and Manufacturing & Consulting.
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