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In my HR professional career, I have spent lot of time with freshers during induction period. While doing so one could sense that the thought process of every college passes out batch is are different. They follow certain trend and expect that world around them should also behave the same as they want. Certain school college traditions aren’t accepted in professional world and vice-versa. Because grass on the other side always looks green. I could interact with them and try to understand their process.  Sometime while dealing with their personal and professional challenges I could feel the difference of the generations. Students after completing their initial training used to join the real workplace where actually the challenge starts. Student life and professional life is very different. Sometimes I experienced that they aren’t serious and doesn’t want to come out of their comfort zone. Some of them don’t even value the job they have; their expectations are far beyond. Anyways point here is the today’s youth and changing life trend.

Today youth in their teens get exposure of lot of things through social media. It’s surprising to see them so confident about the skills they pursue and have their future plans ready before they actually come out of school. In a way it’s good that youth are getting smart and independent. But if they behave stubborn about their choices then becomes difficult for parents to handle. What kids decide for them is not always a correct decision. Usually, younger generation lack the vision which parents have due to their experience in life.  We at the age of 16 were so raw, innocent, and more over dependent on our parents for many small things. Our parents used to decide our education and professional path, our likings were hardly considered. Sometimes I feel that was correct way because elders knew what’s good for us and what’s not. That’s why we never questioned them and accepted their decision. Risk was less, failure rate was minimal. To survive, money is required and not just the dreams.

Now a day’s kids are smart and intelligent. They know much more than what is actually required. They are becoming mature early. They discuss politics, world issues and also give their opinions. I want to ask, while talking about something do you really have thorough information about the subject. Do you daily read newspapers, books or articles? Or just pass on the comments by reading few tweets? Are you even bothered if your comments are biased and may be influenced by someone? #hashtag trends are how much worth? Real life issues aren’t resolved online.  I feel social media is the only reason for whatever is happening around. Certain trends in the society which are emerging, and right now I don’t want to comment, if it’s responsible in good or bad way. But surly want to put forth few points which everyone should seriously think about it.

Today on news channels we only see issues and problems around us but never get to see if anyone is really talking about the solutions to resolve it. Youth icons should come forward to motivation and encourage future generation, but some highlights the issues, and some don’t even talk about it. Visuals always create more impact and hence most of the time what we see is considered as true. It’s very important to channelize youth’s energy & thought process in the right directly. Being rebel on Twitter or any other social platform is not going to take them anywhere. New trend these days is having YouTube channel and making videos. YouTuber’s feel that by making few videos (sense or senseless topics) they can be millionaires. Making money is so easy? Really? I seriously fail to digest this fact. Is there anyone who is keeping a check on the content part? What are they trying to showcase or sell, is it really going to be useful for anyone? No one talks about it. Kids are dropping out from schools and colleges to pursue their career as a YouTuber. Is it really worth? It is my humble request to parents please investigate what your child is doing and stop his life getting spoiled. To all youngsters, please take proper qualification and keep your profession and hobbies separate.

One more challenge these days is OTT. Scrutiny process is must while approving any show on OTT platform. Recently heard that government will be doing some due diligence before approving any content going on OTT. I really feel thankful for this decision. Lot of violence, nudity and sensitive issues are shown, and makers smartly justify that Indian audience is changing. Although we are becoming progressive but that does not mean that we have left behind our cultural beliefs and values. We are still the same where kids are supposed to respect elders, any kind of slang words in or outside house isn’t tolerated, smoking drinking isn’t considered as a good manner, women of the house is like goddess Laksmi and everyone is supposed to respect her.

These days what we see is totally a different Indian scenario. I feel so depressed while watching all such web series where it’s shown the world around us is so uncultured, harmful & cruel. This gives me goose bumps to even imagine that my kids are going to be the citizens of this own world.

Cheap smart phones & free internet is spoiling us. Due to this our thinking process is just stopped, we do what we see. Today I feel people are really behaving like zombies and lost the real meaning of life. They started expressing them in the ugliest way on social forums to grab the attention. Easy publicity is what everyone wants. Concern is more about teens & youth. Parents are busy in their own life, these days schools are only commercial forums, grandparents stay far away to guide, kids spend most of the time either on electronic gadgets or in a daycare. There is anyone hardly left to groom and inculcate cultural values in our coming generation. It’s a red alert for the parents. Be aware right now. Money can’t buy everything. Your kids need you and not the expensive gadgets.

I feel we need more consultation forum and motivational messages going in the society as far as possible. Positive thoughts process is required to live the happy life.  Peace & Harmony is the need of hour.

Message to our youth; let’s talk more about good things around us. Connect with people who have inspirational stories and experiences to share. Discuss more on progressive things about our nation /world rather than only highlighting issues. You are the future and yours kids will be your future. It’s our duty to give them happy life.

It’s not that in earlier decades there were no crimes but news about it use to come in the form of awareness and not as political agenda.

Life is complicated with several challenges; we are really losing out on the real meaning of LIVING. Work towards inculcating peace n stability with positive thoughts, else in no time things will explode and we won’t even get chance to gather the remnants.

Article By: Radhika Kashikar

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