Socomec India Lauded for ‘Energy Efficiency’ at DCD Best in India Awards 2018

Socomec, a leading global specialist of Power Conversion, Power Switching and Power monitoring products, felicitated with the Finalist Award certification under “Energy Efficiency Improvers” category at the Data Center Dynamics (DCD) Best in India awards.


Socomec India Lauded for ‘Energy Efficiency’ at DCD Best in India Awards 2018


DCD Energy Efficiency Improver’s Award recognizes companies that can demonstrate the success of any project to improve the energy efficiency of a single or group of facilities through a journey of rigorous measurement, 
bench-marking, analysis, recommendation and implementation to a verifiable outcome. Socomec was lauded for its technologically advanced, next-gen power solutions that not only meets today’s energy needs but also helps future-proof power availability and quality for its clients. 


The project for which Socomec won the finalist award has been one of its decade long association with the world’s leading Financial Services group wherein Socomec has been instrumental in ramping up and transforming the client’s power supply infrastructure leveraging its deep domain expertise in managing power for critical applications. Socomec had been chosen by the client to conduct the site study and deliver end-to-end solution for energy efficiency improvement in their facility.


Socomec replaced the conventional UPS with Modular Green Power 2.0 range of UPS – the first of its kind in the market, renowned for being 100% modular, 100% redundant UP S
and hot swappable device. The MTBF value of its power modules has been given the highest ranking by an independent body IEC 62380.


Speaking at the awards event, Socomec India’s MD,
Mr. Sushil Virmani elaborated, “We are extremely proud to receive the Energy Efficiency Improver’s award from DCD in recognition of our efforts to promote the energy efficient solution to our customers. With its flexible modularity enabling seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 600 kW, our MODULYS GP UPS range is the ideal solution for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions. It can help increase installed power to 600 kW by adding hot-swap plug-in power modules for incremental steps of 25 KW.”


Socomec’s solution enabled tangible business benefits for the client, including:

  • Seamless migration to modular UPS resulting in higher efficiency, scalability and improved energy availability.

  • Increase in loading factor resulting in superior energy savings.

  • Reduced usage of air conditioners with higher efficiency of modular solution.

  • Space saving and reduced maintenance cost.


Energy efficiency ranks as one of its highest priorities for datacenters across the world today as digital businesses demand an always-on environment characterized by high availability, low latency, and high resiliency. Socomec’s deep domain expertise, backed by in-depth industry knowledge helped set a leading example on saving energy without compromising on basic requirements such as redundancy, and continuous and quality power.

More information about Socomec’s cutting-edge product range for data center solutions can be explored here:

About Socomec

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3200 people spread over 27 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.

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